The road to 80 districts*:

A look through the numbers at the past two years' accomplishments toward school reorganization:

  • Distribution of state subsidy
    • Subsidy to exempt districts: $497,914,684 (57%)
    • Subsidy to reorganized districts: $218,418,575 (25%)
    • Subsidy to non-compliant districts: $150,295,651 (17%)
  • Distribution of students
    • Students in non-complying districts: 37,018 (18.9%)
    • Students in reorganized districts: 51,882 (26.5%)
    • Students in districts not required to reorganize: 107,093 (54.6%)
  • Total number of districts by Jan. 31 deadline: (219)
  • Non-conforming districts: (146) (145)*
  • Reorganizations approved by voters: (22)
  • Districts NOT required to reorganize: (51) (52)*
  • Aggregated support for plans across all regions subject to reorganization: Yes: 107,245, No: 88,916
  • January 27 referenda results: (Yes: 8118, No: 12856)
  • Net total reductions in central administration offices, statewide, under this law: (20)
  • Net annualized savings, state and local, statewide, projected from approved reorganization plans: ($1,636,000)
  • Amount by which the 123rd Legislature reduced General Purpose Aid to education to offset predicted reorganization savings on the state side: ($36,500,000)
  • Senators with school units facing penalties for non-conformance in their districts: (21)
  • Representatives with school units facing penalties for non-conformance in their districts: (45)

* updated to reflect Kittery's exemption (granted 2/03/09)


We have folks in our towns that are just now realizing what they voted on in the Nov. referendum is not what they thought they were voting for. They want out of this arrangement before the final vows are spoken on July 1,2009. How does a town(s) annul this deal without waiting for a statewide repeal of the law itself? and before midnight of June 30,2009.