Curriculum and assessments

  • [View from the British private schools] Top private school dumps 'too easy' GCSEs: Reforms seen as making exam less challenging; Move to IGCSE opens gulf with state system, Warwick Mansell and Polly Curtis, Guardian (3/04/09)
      ..."Having learnt that students in England are amongst the most tested in the world, the government appears to have decided that nothing less than an entry in the Guinness Book of Records will suffice."
  • Maine's SAT mission, Matthew Stone, The Report Card (3/03/2009)
      ...As Maine tries to raise high school students' college aspirations by requiring the SAT, fewer colleges are concerned about the test.
  • [NCLB] The Accountability Illusion, Fordham Institute (2/19/2009)
    • Maine report
        ...Maine’s proficiency cut scores generally ranked above average, or relatively difficult, compared with the standards set by the other states in the study. In addition, Maine’s minimum subgroup size is 20, which is quite small compared to most other states. This means that more subgroups are held accountable in Maine than would be in other states. In fact, all but two schools with limited English proficient (LEP) or students-with disabilities (SWD) subgroups failed to make AYP, in part because these students did not meet the state’s proficiency targets in math and reading.
  • Maine State Department of Education