Legislature's Education Committee, 2/23 (CTE, GT, EPS)

Education and Cultural Affairs Committee members

Monday's Session-MEPRI

Lots of discussion about the CTE funding becoming part of EPS in 2009-10. My understanding was that the Committee wanted MEPRI to continue work on this.

Minimal discussion about Gifted and Talented becoming part of EPS. I believe the Committee felt this wasn't possible given time constraints and lack of data.

Discussion about whether or not to continue the MEPRI "Work Plan" to have the Educational Census. Not sure what happened with this.

Discussion about helping the CTEs with Stimulus dollars to buy needed equipment they haven't been able to afford. MEPRI to look into this and find out if there is already a list of such needed equipment.

The scheduled briefing on EPS did not happen. Will be rescheduled.

More MEPRI, 2/23

Thanks, Nancy.

The Committee did seem to drift off a bit in late afternoon weariness. But I think the Census was declined in favor of retaining the existing MEPRI work plan and implementing the CTE portion within EPS but delaying the GT part.

What was plain was that they were all trying to get at a way to move forward with stimulus money to pay for CTE equipment, irrespective of whether CTE funding was rolled into EPS -- which was the nominal topic for discussion.

While it was unanimously approved, nobody on the Committee wanted to re-state the amended version of their only motion for action. So it's a little hard to be certain.

They also seemed to want some direction from the Department about the feasibility of both aspects: applying the stimulus toward CTE equipment and disbursing CTE expenses on the basis of EPS.

I'm pretty sure that was Jim Rier who got charged with investigating the equipment list, not the MEPRI folks. But it was hard to tell from the audio.

It also seemed pretty clear that they expect the postponed discussion of EPS to be meaty.

CTE and G-T Info

The information the MEPRI/CEPARE people were using as the basis for their briefing to the Committee sounded similar to these reports from the MEPRI site. The CTE PowerPoint was given at the MSMA Conference last fall.

CTE: http://www2.umaine.edu/mepri/sites/default/files/CTE%20MSMA%20Conference...


I'll be interested to hear about the connections between CTE and the new High School Diploma requirements.