Testing the EPS formula: a comparison for regional equity

Comparing distribution of resources in two different regions

  Cumberland-North Yarmouth, MSAD 51 Jonesport, Beals, Moosabec CSD
County: Cumberland Washington
Pupils: 2,219 238
Per-capita income: $33,644 $14,135
State valuation: $1,580,500,000 $225,700,000
Valuation per pupil: $712,000 $948,000
EPS funding per pupil: $10,137 $7,767
State subsidy: $11,400,000 $310,600
Subsidy per pupil: $5,124 $1,305
Total spending per pupil: $11,050 $8,947
Reorganization status: Non-complying, granted stand-alone exemption by DoE Non-complying, penalized


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EPS formula disparities

WOW! This is a great comparison of the State's shortsightedness.
We can see easily with this comparison how the State has hijacked an unfinished academic funding model and try to shoehorn it into a funding formula. It just does not work and never will. Until this funding formula is thrown out onto the trash heap where it belongs and a more equitable formula is developed to replace it, large segments of our students and communities will be short changed and prevented from the educational opportunities they deserve.