Strategic plan and 'proficiency-based' education: 1/18/2012 work session notes

Brian_Hubbell 7:52am
#MEleg Education Committee work session @ 9AM on #MEschools transition to 'proficiency' in essential standards #LD1422

Brian_Hubbell 9:08am
@mdoeBowen is presenting #MEschools strategic plan to Ed Committee. Audio: #MEleg

NancyEH 9:16am
@brian_hubbell "Proficient" - skilled, expert, competent, consummate, master. Let's hope they settle on "competent". #MEschools

NancyEH 9:17am
@Brian_Hubbell Also hope that @mdoebowen gives more "next steps" than current strategic plan currently holds. #MEschools #MEleg

Brian_Hubbell 9:28am
@nancyeh Like that @mdoebowen hopes to facilitate progressive change in #MEschools via pragmatic collaboration rather than top-down fiat.

NancyEH 9:29am
@Brian_Hubbell Yeah, like that. #MEschools

Brian_Hubbell 9:52am
Bowen: Critical emphasis: How to build #MEschools professional development, esp. in rural areas, with limited capacity and resources.

NancyEH 10:01am
@Brian_Hubbell Professional development missing professionalism. Tends to be top-down "new" ideas w/little follow through. #MEschools (1/2)

NancyEH 10:03am
@Brian_Hubbell Law change needed to permit teachers to be truly involved, not just pay lipservice. #MEschools

Brian_Hubbell 10:07am
@nancyeh We find giving teachers from different schools time for 'common studies' is invaluable professional development. #MEschools

Brian_Hubbell 10:15am
For now Bowen passes over proposal to expand 'choice' which, to me, seems one part at odds with commitment to #MEschools capacity.

NancyEH 10:21am
@Brian_Hubbell Agreed, but it's still the school board "giving". Can be taken away at any time.#MEschools

NancyEH 10:22am
Interested in word "flexibility" for #MEschools; why push #charterschools then? #MEpolitics

nicklorenzen 10:47am
RT @nessc_me: Maine DOE Spt of Instruction presenting LD 949's resolved report on proficiency-based graduation implementation for #meschools

Brian_Hubbell 10:54am
Presumably re #MEgov's expressed goal of #MEschools 'choice', Sen Alfond pointedly asks Gov not to delay policy draft til end of session.

Brian_Hubbell 10:50am
As a perennial skeptic, I want to say that, on balance, with this strategic plan @mdoebowenhas built a good working vision for #MEschools.

coollit 11:35am
@Brian_Hubbell @mdoebowen Does his "good working vision" include merit pay? #meschools

Brian_Hubbell 11:46am
@coollit Bowen proposes clearer standards & measuring of #MEschools teaching effectiveness. Impr prof remediation but nothing re merit pay.

nessc_me 11:46am
After 10 min recess, ME Ed Committee hearing from DOE Director of Policy on amended LD 1422 pared down to proficiency-based grad #meschools

nessc_me 11:46am
Maine DOE Director of Programs & Policy is Deb Friedman. #meschools

coollit 11:51am
@Brian_Hubbell I thought merit pay was part of the NCLB waiver deal.

Brian_Hubbell 12:20pm
@coollit Believe Maine's NCLB waiver proposes #MEschools use test scores to inform teacher evaluations. Don't think requires merit pay. 1/2

Brian_Hubbell 12:23pm
@coollit ...and NCLB is, after all, manifestation of a federal vision, not Maine's. #MEschools 2/2

Brian_Hubbell 12:33pm
#MEleg Ed Committee tables proficiency-based diploma bill #LD1422, requests feedback from MEA and #MEschools associations.