MSMA: Stakeholder group looks at evaluation models

Maine School Management Association
Aug. 20, 2010

Stakeholder group looks at evaluation models

The Evaluation Stakeholder Group, charged with approving teacher and principal evaluation models that incorporate student achievement data, met Thursday to start the difficult work of coming up with evaluations school districts can use.

The group, which was created by legislation passed earlier this year to comply with rules tied to the federal Race to the Top grant, discussed two national models to see if they could be tailored to meet Maine’s needs.

Those models include VAL-ED for evaluating principals and the Framework for Teaching, also known as the Charlotte Danielson model, for evaluating teachers.

In May the stakeholder group agreed to adopt those models and work to incorporate student achievement data into them.
Neither of those national models currently incorporates student test scores in their evaluation, and the group is trying to determine how to incorporate that element.

A representative from Discovery Education Assessment, which produces VAL-ED, gave a presentation on that model as it now exists. Teacher Grace Leavitt of MSAD 51 and Professor Walter Kimball of the University of Southern Maine discussed what they learned at a conference on the Danielson model.

The stakeholder group is scheduled to meet again on Sept. 16.
While Maine was knocked out of the running for a Race to the Top grant in July, it is anticipated that using student performance in teacher and principal evaluations will be part of the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act (ESEA) and therefore a federal requirement down the road.

The stakeholder group includes representatives from Maine School Boards Association, Maine School Superintendents Association, Maine Education Association, Maine Principals Association and Maine Administrators of Services for Children with Disabilities.

Dale Douglass, executive director
Victoria Wallack, communications director

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