MSMA: Maine student-teacher ratio goes up to over 12-to-1

Maine School Management Association
July 13, 2010

Maine student-teacher ratio goes up to over 12-to-1

A new report from the federal government now says Maine has a student-teacher ratio of 12.2-to-1 – a ratio that is increasing as budgets tighten and enrollments stabilize.

Maine still has one of the lower student-teacher ratios nationwide, but is more in line with some rural and New England states against which it is often compared.

The lowest is Vermont at 11-to-1; followed by 11.2-to-1 for the District of Columbia; 11.9-to-1 for North Dakota; 12.2-to-1 for New Jersey and Maine; 12.3-to-1 for Connecticut; 12.5-to-1 for Wyoming; 12.6-to-1 for New Hampshire; 12.9-to-1 for Arkansas; and, 13.1-to-1 for Rhode Island, rounding out the top 10.

The ratios run the gamut from Vermont’s 11-to-1 to Utah’s 27-to-1, with the national average at 15.8-to-1.

The number for Maine, released last week, is a far cry from the ratio reported last year of 9-to-1, which turned out to be wrong due to incorrect data. The real number should have been in the 11.3-to-1 range, according to corrected data provided by the state Department of Education.

The new ratios are for the 2008-2009 school year, the most recent data available for comparison on a national level.

The report is produced by the National Center for Education Statistics, housed at the U.S. Department of Education, and can be seen at:

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