Notes from Ed Committee work sessions, Fri. 2/26/2010

9:58AM EdComm surveying residual space left from the seismic collapse of EPS as ceiling vs EPS as floor. Escape hatches to be cut in floor.

[L.D. 1735: "An Act To Waive Certain Penalties Imposed against School Administrative Units if the State Has Not Fulfilled Its Goal of Paying 55% of Costs" -- Unanimous Ought To Pass As Amended.]

10:44: Commissioner suggests Gov's new suppl.budget will augment GPA sufficiently to lose some reorg penalties w/o cutting #MEschools aid elsewhere.

10:49: Redistribution of #MEschools reorg penalty "blood money" still causes Ed Committee discord.

10:59: At Approp's request, EdComm recommends using suppl. $ to waive penalties for 15 #MEschools units approving reorg but orphaned by partners

In interim between work sessions, Phil McCarthy informs that, after negotiation with Department, LD 570, the alternate pathways to consolidation bill, will appear back to the Committee with "substantial changes".

11:05: Now opening work session on L.D. 551: An Act To Improve the Essential Programs and Services Funding Formula

11:18: Labor markets......

11:42: Next week will be devoted to discussion and work on EPS funding formula. Committee has charged Jim Rier and others with topical requests for more information. Will also move through MEPRI component reports.

11:48: Adjourned for weekend.