MSMA: Testimony needed on GPA cut impact on schools

Maine School Management Association


Jan. 8, 2009

Testimony needed on GPA cut impact on schools

The Appropriations and Education Committees will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Jan. 14, on the significant budget cuts proposed for K-12 education in the governor’s proposed supplemental budget, and board members and superintendents are encouraged to testify on the impact the cuts will have at the local level.

The budget calls for cutting General Purpose Aid to schools by $38 million this year, which reduces the promised package of more than $1 billion in combined state and federal aid to $964 million.

The cut is worse in school year 2010-2011, when the total package comes in at $911 million.

The Jan. 14 hearing starts at 1 p.m., in Room 228, at the Statehouse.

Those who cannot attend should email or send letters to members of the two committees outlining the potential local impacts. Their email addresses are listed below.

It is critical legislators understand what it would mean if schools have to absorb cuts of that magnitude, particularly in 2010-2011, when aid will be $92 million below levels that were promised to districts at the start of this school year.

The dramatic drop in aid, which puts state share of education at 43 percent of costs, is shifting the burden of educating children onto the local property taxpayer at a time when they can least afford it. To make matters worse, the state also has cut local revenue sharing, meaning there is less state aid going to municipalities.

Those who wish to listen to the hearing can click on the link below on the afternoon of Jan. 14, starting at 1 p.m. General Purpose Aid discussions will come after reviews of state cultural agencies and Community College and University Systems.

The link is:


Please let legislators know what the impact of these cuts will have on your local schools.

Appropriations Committee emails
Sen. Bill Diamond, chairman:
Sen. Margaret Craven:
Sen. Richard Rosen:
Rep. Emily Cain, chairman:
Rep. Gary Connor:
Rep. Patrick Flood:
Rep. John Martin:
Rep: Elizabeth Miller:
Rep. Sawin Millett:
Rep. Robert Nutting:
Rep. John Robinson:
Rep. Peggy Rotundo:
Rep. David Webster:

Education Committee emails:
Sen. Justin Alfond:
Sen. Elizabeth Schneider:
Sen. Carol Weston:
Rep. Pat Sutherland:
Rep. Alan Casavant:
Rep. Ed Finch:
Rep. Peter Johnson:
Rep. Steve Lovejoy:
Rep. Howard McFadden:
Rep. Mary Nelson:
Rep. Helen Rankin:
Rep. David Richardson:
Rep. Dick Wagner:



Contact: Dale Douglass, executive director

Victoria Wallack, communications director

Telephone: 207-622-3473  or 1-800-660-8484