MSMA: Testimony needed at Special Education hearing Monday

Maine School Management Association


Dec. 18, 2009

Testimony needed at Special Education hearing Monday

School board members and superintendents, who support a proposal to bring Maine’s special education regulations in line with federal rules, need to make their voices heard at a hearing scheduled for this Monday, Dec. 21, in Augusta.

Both the Maine School Boards Association and Maine School Superintendents Association have supported the goal of this rule-making in the past, which is Maine’s special needs laws should not exceed federal rules.

Such a rule change would help assure that special education services are delivered consistently  across the state and in a cost-effective manner.

Special education costs under current state rules are growing faster than any other part of the education budget and that is unsustainable.

Monday’s public hearing, which starts at 10 a.m., is being run by the Department of Education.

For those who wish to come and testify in person, the public hearing is being held in Room 103 A and B in the Cross Office Building next to the Statehouse.

For those emailing in testimony, it can be sent to Jaci Homes at:

It is also important you let legislators know how you feel. While this hearing is being run by department staff, legislators will be weighing in on rule changes, particularly as the many advocates involved in special education make their feelings known.

You can email members of the Education Committee at the addresses listed below.

Sen. Justin Alfond at

Sen. Elizabeth Schneider at

Sen. Carol Weston at

Rep. Pat Sutherland at

Rep. Ed Finch at

Rep. Alan Casavant at

Rep. Steve Lovejoy at

Rep. Howard McFadden at

Rep. Mary Nelson at

Rep. Helen Rankin at

Rep. David Richardson at

Rep. Dick Wagner at

You also should be contacting your local legislators to explain the importance of this rule-making.




Contact: Dale Douglass, executive director

Victoria Wallack, communications director

Telephone: 207-622-3473  or 1-800-660-8484