Superintendents in stereoscope: Nov 17 Ed Committee testimony

Department of incongruent views:

So, on one hand, at today's Ed Committee hearing we had Superintendent Clark from Kingfield reporting that he and Farmington's Superintendent Cormier had been well on their way to significant collaborative savings until the school reorganization mandate, the Commissioner, and "her minions" ruined the effort and caused problems between the neighbors that will take years to repair.

Then, on the other hand, we had Superintendent Bill Webster telling the Ed Committee that savings of $400K made Ellsworth's reorganization a no-brainer and yet, in a seeming contradiction, that without a state-wide threat of penalties voters never would have approved his RSU and that it was unfair for them to be deprived of the penalty money they were promised to make it work...

Presumably trying to reconcile these two views, Senator Alfond tried soliciting the opinion of Drummond Woodsum attorney Dick Spencer.

"The beatings," Spencer offered, "will continue until morale improves."