LD 977, the initiated repeal bill, is dead in the legislature

1:30PM: House fails to recede and concur with the Senate: 66-77

  • Roll call (Y supports repeal initiative, N opposes)

1:34PM: House insists on report that repeal bill ought not to pass: 74-69

The Initiative will now go to referendum,

1:30PM: LD 977 -- Initiated

1:30PM: LD 977 -- Initiated bill for repeal:

On a motion from Rep MacDonald to recede and concur with the Senate, the House vote was 66 in favor, 77 against.

Currently considering Rep Sutherland's motion to insist.

1:34PM: Motion to insist prevails, 74-69. Bill is DEAD.


Voted not to Recede and Concur with Senate, ...but then voted not to Insist

    Bickford, R, Auburn NN
    Knight, R, Livermore Falls, NN
    Sykes, R, Harrison. NN
    Van Wie, D, New Gloucester NN

Voted to Recede and Concur, ...but then voted to Insist.

    Kruger. D, Thomaston, YY