January 2, 2009

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January 1, 2009

A toast to the MDI Regional School System

As this year clicks over into the next, I want to take the opportunity to reflect on the school system that the communities of Mount Desert Island have recently tested and refortified.

The one steady lesson of the past two years is that we may be proud of the educational vision of the schools of this region and should be always grateful for the enormous foundation of community support that sustains it – for that, unquestionably, was the mojo that allowed us to carry the day in almost every political skirmish.

But we must always bear in mind that the root of this mojo is not

Mount Desert Island High School funding formula

On Dec. 4, the Mount Desert Island region's League of Towns sponsored a public forum to discuss the funding formula for the MDI Regional High School.

At the forum, Superintendent Rob Liebow gave this Powerpoint presentation(32Mb *.ppt) on the history and application of the funding formula with cross-town comparisons of tax effects on equivalent taxpayers.


...And here (updated 12/09) are some further figures:

Cost/student under formula of 33% enrollment + 67% valuation (09-10)

 Bar Harbor  $11,509
 Mount Desert  $27.094
 Southwest Harbor  $12,600
 Tremont  $11,784

Tax effort in mills: 2009-10 assessments by same formula divided by each town's 3-year average state valuation

 Bar Harbor 1.70
 Mount Desert 1.20
 Southwest Harbor 1.60
 Tremont 1.67

HS tax burden to like-valued homes under present formula (2007 figures)

 $220,000 value  $350,000 value  $700,000 value
 Bar Harbor  $340  $550  $1100
 Mount Desert  $240  $380  $730
 Southwest Harbor  $270  $490  $1160
 Tremont  $310  $480  $1180


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