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January 15, 2009

  • Wells-Ogunquit, Acton agree to consolidate, Jim Kanak, York Weekly
      ...Members discussed whether filing the plan for the AOS would preclude WOCSD from seeking stand-alone status. They ultimately decided it would not.
  • Greenville panels urge defeat of schools plan, Diana Bowley, Bangor Daily News
      ...selectmen and school committee members are against the state’s reorganization mandate “because it is not supported by clear reasoning and accurate data,” they say.
  • [Farmington...] State OKs SAD 9 plan to stay the same, Valerie Tucker, Morning Sentinel
      ...The school district could choose a new name, Cormier said.
  • [Sanford / Many Flags] School models fight for state OK, Matthew Stone, Kennebec Journal
      ..."It isn't about us versus them," said Courtney, the Assistant Senate Minority Leader. "It's my hope that when all is said and done, both communities have this."
  • Policy group calls RSU 13 apportionment unconstitutional, Shlomit Auciello, Herald Gazette
      ...suggests that the U.S. Census policy that calls for the inclusion of prisoners in the count for the localities where they are incarcerated, rather than the communities where they vote and maintain homes, is harmful to democracy.
  • State asked to rethink school-aid cuts, Al Edwards, American Journal
      ...Cape board took issue with the formula the state used, rewarding higher property valuations with higher cuts.
  • Bucksport RSU Hearing Draws a Small Crowd, Cyndi Wood, Ellsworth American
  • A Poor Trade-off, Editorial, Ellsworth American
      ...Ultimately, the state likely will accomplish a resulting reduction in the amount of money it must allocate for K-12 public education in Maine. But for many communities, their education costs will go up, not down, in the form of higher property taxes. Local town meeting votes on school budgets no longer will occur, and local school boards making decisions about the needs of their students and communities will have become a thing of the past.
  • The consolidation conundrum: Kittery continues to grapple with Maine’s school reorganization law, Liberty Hardy, The Wire
      ...“My big beef with the Department of Education and the commissioner is this: you cannot penalize Kittery for not forming an RSU with a neighboring district when your department authorized our neighboring districts alternative plans that did not include Kittery. You can’t do it,” Pelletier said.
  • Falmouth schools get OK to stand alone, Peggy Roberts, Forecaster
      ...Falmouth will avoid a $473,000 penalty that loomed after voters last November rejected consolidation with School Administrative District 51 by a nearly 3-1 margin.
  • Falmouth school chief a finalist for Mass. job, Peggy Roberts, Forecaster
      ...“I would hope that people would see (applying for the position) as what a rational and practical person would do,” he said. “I would be surprised if folks wouldn’t think I would look out for the well-being of my family given the uncertainty of what was happening.”
  • [Ellsworth region] New RSU Is in Best Interest of Students, Henry Ashmore, Omar Norton, Bill Webster and Wayne Enman, Ellsworth American

January 14, 2009

January 13, 2009

  • State panel explores education problems, Matthew Stone, Kennebec Journal
      ...Maine's network of school districts has become unwieldy, Connerty-Marin said, and the percentage of school spending devoted to administrative expenses has risen in recent years.
      ...And Gray, the teachers' union director, called for higher pay for teachers, saying Maine is a "net exporter" of teachers.
  • [Farmington] SAD 9 gets OK to stand alone, Donna M. Perry, Sun Journal
  • Deadline looms for plans to consolidate, Rich Hewitt, Bangor Daily News
  • [East Range CSD #12, Calais, Alexander, Robbinston, Baring Plt., Crawford, Charlotte, Perry, Baileyville, Cooper, Grand Lake Stream Plt., Meddybemps, Eastport, Princeton, Talmadge, Waite, Pembroke, Dennysville, Vanceboro] Consolidation vote set for January 13, Eileen Curry, Quoddy Tides
  • Dover-Foxcroft officials back school reorganization, Diana Bowley, Bangor Daily News
      ...appears that Greenville officials ...plan to urge their residents to vote no
  • Rural schools risk loss of federal money, Matthew Stone, The Report Card, Kennebec Journal
      "I am concerned that an unintended consequence of consolidation will be that many Maine schools will no longer qualify for these grants," Collins said Monday.
  • Waterville, Winslow, Vassalboro approve school reorganization plan, Amy Calder, Morning Sentinel
  • Schools Face Cuts to General Purpose Aid, Will Tuell, Downeast Coastal Press
      “They've taken $27 million out,” said MacFadden, “and anytime they take that money out of the state budget, it puts it onto the towns. It has raised local commitment from 6.55 mils to 6.79. It's up over a quarter of a mil locally. Every time the state saves money, the towns pick it up, and that increases property taxes.”
  • Voters Turn Down RSU, AOS Next Step, WQDY
      Vanceboro 26-5 in favor
      Calais 249-23 against
      Baileyville 171-5 against
      Eastport 133-29 against
      Baring Plt -- 13-5 against
      Alexander -- 87-1 against
      Robbinston -- 65-4 against
      Crawford -- 12-1 against
      Cooper -- 26-2 against
      Grand Lake Stream -- 32-0 against
      Meddybemps -- 32-0 against
      Princeton -- 42-14 against
      Talmadge -- 8-2 against
      Waite -- 11-0 against
      Charlotte -- 45-9 against
      Pembroke -- 83-7 against
      Perry - 54-3 against
      Dennysville -- 39-2 against
      CSD 12 (Topsfield/Codyville) 22-20 against

January 12, 2009

January 11, 2009

  • [Vassalboro, Waterville, Winslow] School board super majority sticking point for two towns, Scott Monroe, Kennebec Journal
      Waterville's clout could be a deal-breaker for voters on Tuesday
  • State penalty for nonpassage is severe, Scott Monroe, Kennebec Journal
      ...concedes that the savings of the proposal aren't great. School officials have calculated an additional cost of $50,000 the first year, then $125,000 in savings the next couple years. He says that state officials have overblown the possible savings.
  • Senator Collins Calls For Rural Education Funding, asmainegoes.com
      ...this may be of less of a magnificent gesture than intended. The only districts eligible were those with fewer than 600 students. Under Maine's consolidation law, districts now have to be twice this size.

January 10, 2009

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