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January 25, 2009

  • [Andover, Bethel, Greenwood, Newry, Woodstock, & the Rangeley region] School consolidation vote is Tuesday, Alison Aloisio, Bethel Citizen
      ...“Does [the consolidation plan] pass the straight-face test? No. But we need to vote ‘yes’ on this because it’s the only chance we stand of not getting the $185,000 penalty.”
  • Three Towns Reject Consolidation Plan, WCSH6

Hermon, Carmel, and Levant vote down school reorganization

Unofficial results for Hermon/ MSAD 23 (Carmel, Levant)  school reorganization vote

Hermon:     22 335
Carmel (MSAD 23): 10 167
Levant (MSAD 23): 16 174    
MSAD 23: 26 341
Total: 48 676
    ...138 districts and counting

January 24, 2009

  • [...So goes Rhode Island] Governor Carcieri moves on consolidation, Edward Fitzpatrick, Providence Journal
      ...“The time has come,” Carcieri said, “to get serious and decide once and for all if we as a people have the will to come together, break down boundaries and share our resources.”
           This seems like a mountain worth climbing. But just as hikers take note of the corpses on the side of Mount Everest, this new commission should avoid missteps and take note of former House Minority Whip Nicholas Gorham, R-Coventry, who got voted out of office after he proposed that Exeter, Foster, Glocester, Scituate, West Greenwich and western Coventry merge into a single town called Westconnaug.
  • [Eddington, Brewer, Clifton, Holden] Town officials voice opposition to RSU 15, Nok-Noi Ricker, Bangor Daily News
  • [Blue Hill, Brooksville, Castine, Penobscot, Brooklin, Sedgwick, Deer Isle, Stonington, Surry] Island-Peninsula school plan goes to voters, Rich Hewitt, Bangor Daily News
  • Bucksport area towns to vote on school plan, Rich Hewitt, Bangor Daily News
  • [Hodgdon, Danforth, Dyer Brook, Hersey, Orient, Bancroft] Voters to decide new school plan, Jen Lynds, Bangor Daily News
  • Madison has other options for school restructuring, Suzanne Wagg, Morning Sentinel
  • Five town school reorganization: job is not finished, Editorial, Herald Gazette
      ...While we plan to vote no on the proposed reorganization plan that will appear at the polls on Tuesday, Jan. 27, it is not because we totally agree with the conclusion that the five towns remain on course with their educational structure. We will vote no because the alternative organizational structure represents no improvement on existing educational practices, and represents a mere Band-Aid on the issue.
           In fact, we feel strongly that the five towns should make it a priority to address streamlining their kindergarten to 12th-grade public school system, not only for efficiency, but also for educational excellence. Will a new committee rise from the ashes to address these issues?

January 23, 2009

January 22, 2009

  • [Herman, Carmel, Levant] Voters Consider Fate of Consolidation Plan, Scott Sassone, WCSH6
  • [Camden, Rockport, Appleton, Hope, Lincolnville] Five town informational video about school district reorganization, knox.villagesoup.com

    Video produced by Geoffrey C. Parker for Chromunique' Audio Visual

  • Falmouth should have paid price for not merging, Editorial, Press Herald
      ...certain to be noticed by people involved in more complicated district mergers, where constituent towns are divided by demographics and geography. The merger law itself is under attack, and one of the major points of criticism is that it favors the state's more densely settled and affluent areas. The Falmouth example makes that hard to refute.
  • [Hermon, Carmel, Levant] 3 towns to vote on school merger plan, Kevin Miller, Bangor Daily News
      ...the board of directors of SAD 23, which comprises Carmel and Levant, voted unanimously to oppose the consolidation plan. Then last week, the Carmel Board of Selectmen followed suit with their own unanimous vote against the proposal. In early December, the Hermon School Committee cast a unanimous “no confidence” vote in the consolidation plan.
  • Jackman seeks exemption to consolidation, Diana Bowley, Bangor Daily News
      ...Perry said if the plan is rejected by those communities she serves, all of the communities will work collaboratively with municipal officials to cut “real costs” through shared services in special education, gifted and talented programs and transportation. Union 60 and SAD 12 already share Perry’s service as superintendent.
  • [Guildord, Dexter] SADs 4, 46 look at consolidation options, Diana Bowley, Bangor Daily News
      ...“The penalty is a known entity, a known quantity, and the costs of reorganizing are an unknown quantity and we’ve got a lot of promises that the state is going to be able to help us along, but I don’t see it.”
  • [Madison, Starks, Athens, Brighton Plt.] Vote on consolidation on Jan. 27, Judith Waugh, Morning Sentinel
      ...Consolidation saves approximately $100,000 (that's three districts together) the first couple of years. Look out after that!
  • 'Crazy year' awaits SAD 47-China merger, Colin Hickey, Kennebec Journal
      ...whether the creation of the regional school unit is a consolidation or a merger -- Ultimately, he said, the attorney general must make legal determination on which term applies.
  • After Rejecting Consolidation Otis Considers Alternatives, Jacqueline Weaver, Ellsworth American
      ...said the group did not want Gendron “to go around and around” about why the town should have a revote on joining the RSU. She said members just want to hear about the legal ramifications of their situation from the state’s perspective.
  • Consolidation Plan Not Warmly Received At Hearing in Blue Hill, James Straub, Ellsworth American
      ...“There is so much unknown, and we don’t appear to be able to trust anything the state is telling us,” said Selectman John Bannister, who served on the reorganization committee that drafted the plan. “If we vote ‘yes,’ we’re in for life. If we vote ‘no,’ we could vote again.”
  • [Hancock County] Maine Communities to Vote On Consolidation, Cyndi Wood, Ellsworth American
  • Repeal of Consolidation Law Overdue, Robert C. Dick, Ellsworth American
      ...The damage done by that diversion from the purposes of education may well be felt for years.
  • School Consolidation: Not for Rural Maine, Skip Greenlaw, Ellsworth American
  • The Circus is in Town!*, Downeast Schoolhouse
      ...If we acknowledge that the government is not completely separate from us, an alien entity, but to some extent a projection of our hopes and dreams, than we may have to also acknowledge that we may not be completely well-adjusted!
  • [The View from Vermont] Viewpoint: Funding K-12 Education, Jon C. Reidel, University of Vermont
      ..."Governor Douglas is suggesting that elected local officials and voters do not know how to make good decisions when it comes to formulating and passing local school budgets," he says. "In these hard economic times, it is easy to scapegoat. ...I predict that the governor will have a tough row to hoe here, because he has alienated the very people who are democratically accountable for delivering a quality educational experience to all children."

January 21, 2009

  • The consolidation hopper deepens, Matthew Stone, The Report Card
  • Unofficial results for Easton/SAD 42/SAD 45 reorg. vote
    Y N Y N
    Bridgewater     6 52
    Blaine (MSAD 42) 8 77
    Mars Hill (MSAD 42) 20 151    
    MSAD 42:  28 228
    Easton 7 249
    Washburn (MSAD 45) 26 34    
    Perham (MSAD 45) 10 53
    Wade (MSAD 45) 2 15
    MSAD 45: 38 102
    Total: 79 631


January 20, 2009

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