Ed Committee A.M. Work Session, 3/30/09

Unanimous, 13 members present:
LD 160: An Act To Require the Department of Education To Provide an Accounting of School Subsidy Based on Individual Members in a Regional School Unit or Alternative Organizational Structure

LD 816: An Act To Authorize the Commissioner of Education To Issue Separate Subsidy Checks to Each Municipality in an Alternative Organizational Structure

LD 818: An Act To Improve Transparency in the School Funding Formula
Carry Over

GPA 2009-2010

General Purpose Aid to Schools: 2009-2010 preliminary figures

March 26: Penalties and laptops trip Ed Committee work session

The Education Committee is in late afternoon work session to consider GPA for the biennial budget to pass along to the Appropriations Committee. They had hoped to conclude this budget this evening. But the unsettled matter of re-distribution of the $6.8 million in consolidation penalties will keep them from finalizing.

April 1: Public Hearings on consolidation bills

Education Committee Public Hearing schedule

Education Committee today: Wednesday, March 25

Today's public hearings schedule and live audio

Wells-Ogunquit / Acton reorganization fails

Ogunquit: Yes: 9; NO: 126
Acton: Yes: 124; NO: 430
Wells: Yes: 24; NO: 426

Opinions about divvying up AOS subsidies, modifying EPS, or taking money from administrators and maybe giving it to teachers?

1:00PM, Wednesday, March 25th would be the time to tell the Education Committee what you think about these bills.

Southwest Harbor / Tremont collaboration

MDI HS principal search

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