Education Committee: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Work Sessions (beginning at 1:00 p.m.)

Education Committee Schedule - April 13-17, 2009

Education Committee schedule: April 8, 2009

Work session, 1:00 PM

Education Committee schedule: April 7, 2009

Update 5:52PM: Committee votes to forgive the penalties on the 17 "good" municipalities by embedding relief language in the budget bill

Monday, Apr 6: Ed Committee public hearings

HP 481, LD 698
An Act To Allow School Budget Validation Referenda To Be Held on a Saturday
Apr 6, 2009, 0900AM
Cross Building Room 202

Ed Committee: Fri, Apr 3: penalty distribution, laptops, consolidation bills

Work session notes:

    Short version: all matters of substance are left unresolved for the second legislative session, after the repeal referendum
    Long version below:

Ed Committee work session, Thurs., 4/02/09

Work Session 4:00 p.m. or ASAP

  • LD 353 FY10 & FY11 Biennial Budget
  • Pt. GGG (MLTI "laptop" program)
  • Allocation of Penalties for "Non-conforming school units"
    (State subsidy under the GPA for Local Schools program)
  • MEPRI Road Map for EPS Study

[Reports and comments below]

Where the money goes: state subsidy

Thumb on the scales?: A tale of two fiscal notes

Education Committee's work sessions: Monday, March 30, 2009

With a day-long public hearing on the repeal initiative and two full days of work sessions on dozens of controversial bills, this week marks the beginning of "crunch time" for the Education Committee.

While decorum dominates to a fault in the warmed-up committee room, any bill detail which momentarily boils the discussion over the pot rim, so to speak, into either irritation or humor is particularly telling.

Not everyone right off sees the humor in a bill's attached fiscal note. As any stand-up comedian can tell you, context and timing is everything. But, for one sublime moment, it all fell together Monday morning.

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