Analysis of results, by municipality, of reorganization repeal referendum

MSMA: Committee prepares for consolidation repeal vote

Ed Committee agenda, September 17-18, 2009

MDIRSS: Differentiated instruction

Per-pupil spending on instruction, administration, and support

What Happened to 280+ SAUs?

In the far reaches of my memory, it seems to me that there were 280+ school systems two years ago, so that paring down to a mere 80 was how the state "booked" over $36 million in savings at that time.

If there were only 156 superintendents, though, much of the consolidation must have already been done when this whole thing started. Many school systems shared superintendents, particularly in school unions which were allegedly very inefficient, although I don't know that it was ever proven.

LD 977, the initiated repeal bill, is dead in the legislature

1:30PM: House fails to recede and concur with the Senate: 66-77

  • Roll call (Y supports repeal initiative, N opposes)

1:34PM: House insists on report that repeal bill ought not to pass: 74-69

The Initiative will now go to referendum,

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