Dueling educators: four papers on the school funding crisis

  • Did the reorganization law succeed in reorganizing Maine's least efficient school districts?, Gordon Donaldson, UMaine, 2/15/2010 (*.pdf)
      (Noncompliant districts cost the state less per pupil than those exempt from reorganization.)
  • Truth or Consequences, Superintendent Paul Stearns, MSAD 4, Guilford, 2/17/2010 (*.pdf)
      (Penalty money from districts which educate near the EPS rate shouldn't be redistributed to districts in wealthy communities that significantly overspend EPS.)
  • Bold Initiatives, Superintendent Mark Eastman, MSAD 17, Oxford Hills, 2/17/2010 (*.ppt)
      (Detailed emergency suggestions for raising revenue and reducing staff.)
  • Food for thought, Superintendent Bill Webster, RSU 24, Ellsworth, 2/19/2010 (*.ppt)
      (Even after curtailments, state subsidy is higher than it was in 2004. Time to tighten the belts.)

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