Simultaneous experiments in physics in two different universes

February 12, 2009, State of Maine:

  • SAD 57 moving forward with 18 layoffs, Shawn P. Sullivan, Sanford News
      ...MEA members gathered at Massabesic High School on Friday and voted to open their contracts in order to allow them to sit down with school officials and negotiate what teachers might be able to do to help close the budget gap. They rushed the letter across the high school parking lot to the superintendent's office in time for the deadline. ...[The superintendent] accepted the letter, looked it over, and informed ...that it was not what the school board had asked for.
  • LD 522: Resolve, To Establish the Study Commission Regarding Teachers' Salaries make findings and recommendations and to submit suggested legislation to ensure that all teachers are paid at rates that are commensurate with their experience, education, professional responsibilities and essential role in the development of the State's economy and human capital.