MDI RSS Legislative subcommittee report: May 11, 2009

LD 1097: An Act To Improve Alternative Organizational Structures by Requiring the Department of Education To Provide Them with Estimated Allocations, Senator Raye; co-sponsors: Reps. Burns, Johnson, McFadden, Schatz, Soctomah, Sutherland, Tilton; Senators Schneider, Weston

...requires the Commissioner of Education to also provide the governing body of alternative organizational structures with the computation and the amount of the allocation of school subsidy that the commissioner has estimated for the alternative organizational structure and each member entity in the alternative organizational structure.

LD 1227: An Act To Equalize the Regional Salary Cost Index under the School Funding Formula, Rep Johnson; Co-sponsors: Clark, Crockett, Eaton, Knight, MacDonald, McFadden, Schatz, Thomas

...requires that, beginning in fiscal year 2010-11, the regional adjustment to the salary and benefits costs of teachers and other school personnel that is based on labor market areas in the State must be 1.0 for all labor market areas in the State.

LD 1283: An Act To Reform the School Budget Validation Process, Senator Weston;

...amends the school budget approval process by allowing a budget to be approved at a school board meeting rather than a district-wide meeting, and then go directly to referendum vote. The bill also changes slightly the wording on the required referendum if a school budget exceeds the maximum state and local spending target.

LD 1298: An Act To Adjust the Special Education Funding for Minimum Subsidy Receivers, Rep. Dostie; Co-sponsors: Reps. Clarke: Finch, Fitts, Fletcher, Gilbert, McFadden; Senator Nutting

...adjusts the subsidy for special education for those school administrative units that are minimum receivers of state subsidy by reducing the transition percentage for special education costs to 25%.

LD 1336: An Act To Preserve School Choice Rights, Senator Weston;

...bill clarifies the obligation and financial responsibility of regional school unit boards of directors for preserving the opportunities for choice of schools for students who reside in a municipality in a regional school unit that was a previous education unit that sent students to another school administrative unit. The bill provides that when one or more member municipalities continue to send students to a school outside of the new regional school unit, the regional school unit is responsible for the tuition expenses for the students who are educated outside of the regional school unit.

LD 1414: An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Spending by School Administrative Units, Rep. Pingree

...allows a school administrative unit to exceed its maximum state and local spending target under the Essential Programs and Services Funding Act by the higher of 5% over the state and local spending target or an amount equal to the unit's previous year's budget multiplied by the rate of growth of the current year's maximum state and local spending target over the previous year's maximum state and local spending target without having to have the amount approved by referendum. This bill creates new referendum language for a school administrative unit that exceeds its maximum state and local spending target.

LD 1438: An Act To Permit Charter Schools in Maine, Senator Damon; Co-sponsors: Senators Alfond, Mills; Reps. Casavant, Chase, Knight, Piotti, Richardson

    ...establishes a process to authorize the establishment of charter schools in the State.
  • Action of Legislature's Education Committee: Public Hearing on May 5, work session not yet scheduled