Southwest Harbor / Tremont collaboration

  • MDI school officials consider merging two schools, Bill Trotter, Bangor Daily News (5/10/2011)
  • Tremont/Pemetic forum date change, Laurie Schreiber, Bar Harbor Times (3/17/2009)
  • School consolidation is considered, Mark Good, Mount Desert Islander (01/23/2009)
      ...Another option would be to become a consolidated school district (CSD) and determine some sort of cost-sharing formula for the towns. Either way, there would probably be cost savings realized for both towns. One reason school officials decided to wait until March for the joint forum is to get more accurate figures on costs and related potential savings.
  • School consolidation considered in SWH, Nan Lincoln, Bar Harbor Times (01/16/2009)
      "...the final decision in this,” Liebow said, "will come from the communities, and not from the boards or the administrators."
  • [Tremont] Residents look favorably on consolidation, Mark Good, Mount Desert Islander (01/16/2009)
      ...superintendent Rob Liebow said he was heartened that the forum participants centered on the educational advantages of consolidation and not which scenario would save the town the most money. “That’s a really good sign of a healthy community,” he said.
  • School central to Tremont community, but costly, Laurie Schreiber, Bar Harbor Times (01/12/2009)
      ...Grierson, who was once involved in the schools doing a nature program, and is now a Tremont parent, said the potential benefits of teacher interaction and collaboration are real. “I think it’s a trend we can’t fight,” he said.
  • Joint school talks are set, Mark Good, Mount Desert Islander (01/09)
  • Joint Tremont/Pemetic talks coming up, Laurie Schreiber, Bar Harbor Times (01/03)