MDI RSS April 13, 2009: Meeting Minutes





The Mount Desert Island Regional School System School Committee held a special meeting at the Mount Desert Island Regional High School on April 13, 2009 with the following members present:

Tom Burton, Brian Hubbell, Claire Sasner, Paul Murphy, Charlie Wray, Gail Marshall, Brian Reilly,

Judy Sproule, Gary Webber, Ingrid Kachmar, Skip Strong, Amy Young, Amy Murphy, Lynn Wehrfritz, Marilyn Moore, and Tammy Tripler


Others in attendance:  Ned Johnston, Rob Liebow, Joanne Harriman, Kelley Sanborn, Matt Haney and Selena Dunbar



The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.



MOVED by Amy Young, seconded by Paul Murphy, and unanimously voted to approve the minutes of 3 December 2009, 12 January 2009, 21 January 2009 and notes from 17 March 2009.



There were no public comments.



There was no Superintendent’s report.



Update on Software Conversion Payment by State

Rob Liebow stated that $17,000 is required for the software conversion due to consolidation that we did not anticipate.  The state has agreed to cover the cost of conversion up to $25,000 per district, so our amount of $17,000 will be covered by the state.


General Strategy Toward Local and Regional Policy Issues

Brian Hubbell stated that there are three issues regarding policies and the board needs to decide how to deal with these.

  1. How Trenton will reconcile their policies with us and us with them.
  2. MDES has been working on a residency policy.  How do we want to bring this to the other schools?
  3. Policy regarding tuition students for teachers who do not reside in the district where they teach.   

Judy Sproule suggested that Trenton take the Union 98 policies to the Trenton board and adopt them unless there is something particular to Trenton that needs to be covered.  This summer they will start with the required policies and proceed from there.

Gail Marshall suggested the formation of a policy sub-committee to review the policies and make recommendations to the AOS board.  After the AOS board has reviewed the policies they would go to the local boards.

Rob Liebow agreed that starting at the AOS level and using it as a clearinghouse for all policies was a good idea and that forming a sub-committee would help with this process. 

Gail Marshall reminded everyone that the AOS board doesn’t have authority until July 1, 2009 and she endorsed the idea of a policy sub-committee so work can be started now.

The consensus was to have one member from each local school board be a representative on the policy sub-committee.




Approval of Job Descriptions

MOVED by Gail Marshall, seconded by Tammy Tripler, and unanimously voted to approve the Part-Time Assessment Coordinator, the Assistant to the Director of Special Services, and the Assistant Superintendent job descriptions as written.


Approval of Contract and Establishment of Salary for Assistant Superintendent

MOVED by Paul Murphy and seconded by Skip Strong to approve the contract for Assistant Superintendent through 30 June 2011 with a salary of $86,684.80 beginning 1 July 2009. 

The motion passed.  15 in favor, 1 opposed (B. Reilly)

Rob Liebow stated that with the addition of another school district more time will be needed to cover meetings and other issues.


Approval of Adjustment to Salary for Business Manager for 2009-2009 and 2009-2010

MOVED by Tom Burton, seconded by Amy Young, and unanimously voted to approve an adjustment to

the salary for the business manager for the 2008-2009 contract year by paying a stipend of $7,082.54 after

1 July 2009, and to adjust the number of days for the 2009-2010 contract from 215 to 235.

Rob Liebow stated that Nancy Thurlow is presently on a 4-day per week contract with 8 extra Fridays throughout the school year.  By the end of this school year she will have worked 27 more Fridays than her contract lists and wants to compensate her for this.  Trenton will discuss contributing up to $2,500 toward the $7,082.54 at their next board meeting.


Establishment of Policy Sub-Committee

Earlier in the meeting the board agreed to have each local board appoint one member to the policy sub-committee.


Establishment of Legislative and Governmental Sub-Committee

Gail Marshall stated that it is important to have a legislative sub-committee to preserve and protect the best interests of our communities we need that.

Brian Hubbell reviewed the latest bills in the legislature that would effect our school system. 

MOVED by Brian Reilly, seconded by Gail Marshall and unanimously agreed for form a legislative and governmental sub-committee. 

Tom Burton asked to amend the motion to appoint Brian Hubbell as chair of sub-committee.

Gail Marshall suggested that we wait until after the sub-committee is formed to appoint a chair.

Judy Sproule volunteered to be on this sub-committee.


Approval of Proposal for OT Services

Kelley Sanborn reviewed the need to change from contracted positions to employment positions for OT services.

MOVED by Paul Murphy, seconded by Tom Burton and unanimously voted to create the OT positions and cost structure that Kelley Sanborn suggested and make them AOS positions instead of local school level positions and have the AOS bill schools based on actual usage.


Meeting Frequency, Dates, and Next Meeting Date

MOVED by Paul Murphy, seconded by Brian Reilly and unanimously voted that the AOS board meet before the MDI High School board meetings for the months of May and June 2009.



MOVED by Gail Marshall, seconded by Tammy Tripler, and unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 7:11 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Selena Dunbar, Recording Secretary