MDI RSS March 17, 2009 meeting notes





The Mount Desert Island Regional School System School Board held a special meeting at the Mount Desert Island Regional High School on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 with the following members present:

Bar Harbor

Brian Hubbell

Tom Burton



Mount Desert

Heather Jones

Gail Marshall



Southwest Harbor

Ingrid Kachmar










Judy Sproule




Cranberry Isles

Kate Chaplin









Swan’s Island






Others in attendance:  Rob Liebow, Chris Downing, Kelley Sanborn, Joanne Harriman, Colleen Porter, and Selena Dunbar


There were not enough members present for a quorum.


There was a brief discussion regarding the next meeting date and time.  It was decided that the next meeting would be at 6:00 pm Monday, April 13, 2009, before the next high school board meeting.


Proposal for OT/PT Services

Kelley Sanborn presented her proposal for OT/PT services.  She reviewed the historical and anticipated costs for OT/PT services.  The reason for changing these services from contracted to being employed by the school system is consistency in income and benefits. Anticipated savings is approximately $50,000. 

The proposal is to try this for one year and look at it again in the spring and determine the need for the following year.


Anticipated Openings for 2009-2010

Rob Liebow suggested putting an ad out for the anticipated positions of Part-time Assessment Coordinator and Assistant to the Director of Special Services and having the board approve the job descriptions at the next meeting.   

The Board gave general consensus to put anticipated openings in the papers. 


Update on Software Conversion Payment by State

The Maine Department of Education decided that they would flow up to $25,000 for data conversion to school units.


Respectfully submitted,


Selena Dunbar,

Recording Secretary