MSMA: Stakeholder group to review teacher evaluation systems

Maine School Management Association

April 20, 2010

Stakeholder group to review teacher evaluation systems

A stakeholder group will meet later this month to begin reviewing evaluation systems proposed by the Department of Education that include student achievement as one measure of teacher and principal performance.

Gov. John Baldacci on April 14 issued an executive order that creates the stakeholder group and directs it to approve at least one evaluation model by May 14 for schools to use.

The accelerated timeline is being driven by the application deadline for a federal Race to the Top grant, which has to be submitted in June. In that grant, the state must show it is working to improve teacher and principal effectiveness by incorporating student performance in the evaluation process.

The governor decided to create the group through executive order because legislation that eventually would do the same thing – L.D. 1799, “An Act to Encourage the Use of Models in the Collection and Use of Student Achievement Data” -- will not go into effect until July, therefore missing the June grant application deadline.

L.D. 1799 removes the barrier in current state law that prohibits using student achievement data to measure teacher performance.

The stakeholder group will include representatives from Maine School Boards Association, Maine Superintendents Association, Maine Education Association, Maine Principals Association, Maine Administrators of Services for Children with Disabilities and the Department of Education.

Its first meeting will be held on April 27, with two additional meetings scheduled for May 3 and May 12.

Commissioner Susan Gendron is asking the stakeholder group to prepare for the meeting by reviewing two existing evaluation models – the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) and the Framework for Teaching (FFT) – that are currently being used in other states.

Information on TAP can be found at:

Information on FFT can be found at:

The Commissioner also alerted the group to a report done by the National Education Association that includes a review of TAP and FFT. It can be found at:

Contact: Dale Douglass, executive director
Victoria Wallack, communications director
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